SALISBURY, Md. - Over the past few years, Bret Davis hasn’t just watched the revitalization efforts in downtown Salisbury.

As a realtor and developer, he’s played a major role in all the action.

“We own 100 north division. It’s a building on the corner where edit salon is. We took that building two years ago and completely redeveloped it,” says Davis.

With even more property under his belt, you can bet he plans to apply for some building improvement grants.

“We’d like to take the cornice work from the top and re-wrap it. I know in the past people have done their patios, windows,” says Davis

He says the community grant program fills a critical role in the city’s development efforts.

“It bridges the gap of aesthetics to necessity, and honestly without it i don’t think a lot of the progress would have happened,” says Davis

Mayor Jake Day says that since the grant program was founded a few years back, more than 70 business have benefited from improvements.

“We’re just getting started here over the last few years and we’re going to keep going, and this makes possible a lot of the improvements that you’ve seen downtown,” says Mayor Day.

An initiative made possible through $50,000 worth of funding from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

That money is then distributed to businesses and property owners who apply.

It’s a little bit of extra cash Mayor Day says will motivate downtown businesses to grow even more.

“Helping in that process with a little bit of seed funding really makes it more likely that people will take that step, take that leap to say ‘yeah, i’m going to make it happen,’” says Day.

A mandatory pre-application meeting will take place Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 2 p.m. at the Government Office Building in Salisbury.