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Development is as much about facilitating connections between businesses and communities, as it is about creating new buildings and spaces. We are committed to bringing together all of the stakeholders in a community to ensure that development works in harmony with the environment.

Kirk Davis Photo
Kirk Davis
Director Of Operations

Kirk Davis has spent most of his career working in construction management. He conducts technical analysis and feasibility studies on upcoming projects, and functions as the team’s liaison between the job site and project planning.

Bret Davis Photo
Bret Davis
Chief Sales Officer

Bret graduated from Salisbury University with a degree in International Business Administration. He has been a licensed realtor with Keller Williams since 2013 and specializes in the sale of commercial investment properties. Bret works directly with customers to walk them through the acquisition and development process.

Nick Simpson Photo
Nick Simpson
Director of Project Development

Nicholas Simpson graduated from Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business. He spearheads new projects and conducts detailed analysis on project feasibility.

Chelsea Ballard Photo
Chelsea Ballard
Administrative Director

Chelsea is responsible for overseeing the overall coordination and development of new projects. She works with our local architects, contractors, and city officials to ensure that projects stay on time and within budget.

Julie Milliken Photo
Julie Milliken
Director of Finance

Julie Milliken has over 20 years of experience in accounting management. She specializes in strategic planning and budget forecasting.

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